Pure Viva Cleanse UK

After Cleanse


You’ve reset your detoxification system, giving your body the rest that it needs and are now off to a fresh start. You’ll notice that unhealthy refined foods no longer have the same appeal.

Most likely you’ll be feeling so alert and energetic that you won’t want to go back to your previous sugary snacks and morning coffee. Lets keep it that way you!

We care as much about what happens during your cleanse as we do about what happens after. We are not a short-term weight loss fad. While most people do lose weight on our programs, we care most about improving your overall health and helping you live a more vibrant life.

You’ll need to ease back into solid foods. The best way is to eat light, mostly raw plant-based meals as well as one or two juices daily for about three days. Keep hydrating and stretching and breathing!

Don’t jump into anything strenuous or exhausting right after your juice cleanse. Continue to take time to relax and integrate your juice cleanse experience back into your life.