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A – 3 Day Cleanse


The 3 day detox diet is a short detoxification diet used for different purposes. A mini-detox can prepare the body for a long-term diet, fast or as part of a healthy lifestyle approach. Those who believe in the health benefits of detoxification often participate in annual cleanses for proper maintenance of health. Moreover, for those who have never cleansed or fasted, a three day cleanse is a safe starting point, which is quickly completed over one weekend or the first three days of the beginning of the week.

You will receive six juices and one package of Shia Seeds or one Greens Pack. Your drinks are designed to be consumed in a specific order.

Drink juice No.1 for breakfast and have another juice approximately every two hours.

The final juice of the day is formulated specifically to help you sleep and should be consumed at least 3 hours before bed. While you are on the cleanse, you will need to be getting at least seven hours of sleep every night in order to support the healing and elimination process

Cleansing together? Groups of 5 or more receive 5% off. Please contact us for more details.



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