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D – 3 Day Juice Cleanse



Try these juices as a detoxifying winter cleanse.  Detoxing rids the body of free radicals, rejuvenates the skin and digestive system, and stimulates the liver and kidneys.

Pure Viva Cleanses are designed to give you an all over revitalizing boost. While your digestive system gets a rest from heavy meals and processed foods, your body gets a super infusion of healing nutrients. A cleanse can help you detox, shed weight, rebuild on the cellular level and bring out your skin’s natural glow. It’s a great way to reboot your health and kickstart a program for healthier living and be ready for pool weather with this move.

Flavours include Spirulina, kale,coconut water, wheat grass, blue green Algae,watermelon, cucumber, apple, celery, kiwi, lemon, ginger, Garcinia, acai berry, blueberry, goji berries, raspberries, Pineapple, and green coffee bean extract, to be drunk at intervals along with lots of water and perhaps some unsweetened green tea… and nothing else.

The three-day spring Juice Cleanse consists of:

You have the option of either Raspberry Ketone or 1 full bag of 30 sachets of Daily detox tea

  • Six bottles of different carefully-prepared cold-pressed juice every day. 

  • A bottle of Raspberry Ketone 500mg, highly concentrated supplement, supports increased metabolism & reduction of body fat.

  • Daily Detox Decaf Green Tea: In the environment today, we are exposed to increasing levels of harmful pollutants, such as smoke, caffeine, food toxins and alcohol. To reduce these toxins, Wellements Daily Detox All Natural Tea contains more than ten potent Chinese purification herbs. Daily Detox Teas assist your body in removing harmful toxins by making purification a normal part of your day.





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