Pure Viva Cleanse UK



Delivery is available Tuesday through Friday. To ensure the freshest juice possible you should start your cleanse the day you receive your juice.

We don’t usually operate on Saturday.

Sunday and Monday Deliveries are possible for additional charges.

You will receive your delivery after 48 hours from the time you placed your order.

  • 3 Day Cleanses will receive only one delivery the day before your cleanse begins.  7 days cleanse will receive two deliveries – one on the day before your cleanse and the next delivery on the 3rd day of your cleanse.

What time will my juices arrive?

We ship for clients outside London via City Link or Parcel Force, which has an estimated arrival time of 10:30am.

For clients within London, deliveries will take place between 6:30PM and 9:30PM the day before you start your cleanse or the day of your cleanse between 7am and 12pm.

It is highly recommended that someone be available to accept delivery at the address specified as the juices must be immediately refrigerated. If you’re not there when we deliver, we will attempt to leave the cleanse in a safe space such as your doorstep or with your concierge for example, but if we are unable to do so a £10 redelivery fee will be charged at the client’s expense and your cleanse will be delivered the following morning.


We ship or deliver your juices inside an insulated thermo bag. Proper refrigeration is ESSENTIAL for when your cleanse arrives. Yes, they’ll have ice packs in the box, but those won’t keep them properly chilled for very long.


Shipping charges outside London vary.  Please enquire with our team info@purevivacleanseuk.com before you complete your purchase order.

Changes and cancellations.

Order cut off:  Orders must be made 48 hours before your cleanse begins. In order to cleanse properly you must remember to prep yourself! All orders are processed through this website and start dates are selected from the calendar system.

Please note: We order our produce and plan our production in advance and therefore can not accept orders (or changes to orders) after the cut off times above.

Cancellation:  If orders are cancelled 48 hours prior to the start of a cleanse we will offer a full refund. Unfortunately we do not offer any refunds or credits for cleanses cancelled less than 24 hours before your cleanse begins.

Any requests for a refund due to medical issues before, during or after a Cleanse, will be handled on an individual basis. Doctor’s proof of condition is required.


*Return clients 5 %