Pure Viva Cleanse UK


“This company was so gracious. Due to a death in my family, my original order expired before I had the chance to use it. I contacted the company regarding the expiry date of the product and explained my situation. The company offered me a new delivery for only the cost of the delivery driver. I couldn’t be more surprised and grateful. ”

Judy Wooding
15 September 2014

“I warned to change my delivery date and they were very accommodating in letting me do this. Friendly and professional service.”

Kate Windsor
30 July 2014

“Really fresh and tasty. Arrived on time, was easy to arrange, the delivery guy was friendly. All round great experience.”

Kerry Philpott
29 July 2014

“The product was great but the customer service could have been better.”

Jordan Saunderson
26 July 2014

Thank you. I have lost 4 lbs over the 3 days and am happy with the result…

Hannah Talbot
25 July 2014

“Hi Laura Last day of the cleanse today, it has been really good thank you.

Portway Danielle
25 July 2014

“Hello Laura

Just to say I love the cleanse- if I ordered another three day one this evening is there any way I could get this delivered to the same address as before either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning ready to start on Sunday morning again?

Sharon Clachar
25 July 2014

“Hi Laura

I completed the 3 day cleanse and felt fantastic!

Thanks for your help…

22 July 2014

“Great service – looking forward to truing out the juices in next 3 days”

Alan Smith
15 July 2014

“The customer service was as excellent as it was last time. The juice was fresh as always and I am still craving it even after 2.5 days of solid food. What is most amazing to me, though, is the way that it kicks starts my willpower as nothing else can. Something about going 5 days without caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, and complex carbs, it just gives me the strength I need to say no to such things once the cleanse is over.”

June 2014

“My first cleanse was terrific and I experienced everything that you indicated I would. I felt great, had such an increased energy level, lost 5 pounds and even my skin glowed. Today is the first day after the cleanse and I am at work eating my fresh fruit. Once again – I feel amazing. I feel as though I have taken a wonderful bath from the inside out if that makes sense. I had just made the decision to stop smoking – finally – and the cleanse seemed like a logical way to rid my body of the nicotine and allow myself a much better chance of success. The cleanse really did allow me to not crave cigarettes much at all. Now that I have 3 days under my belt and no withdrawal symptoms, I’m confident this time I will succeed. In addition to all of the other benefits of the cleanse, if there is anyone who wants to quit smoking – this is surely the way to begin. I also love the motivational e-mails that you send during the cleanse. They really do keep you inspired.

June 2014

The cleanse really made me think about what I was putting in my body. Now I’m re-thinking how I eat; (I am) trying to stay away from sugar, wheat, yeast & cheese. In exchange, I’ve started to eat raw cashews & almonds, coconut meat, bananas & avocados, which I never ate before! I’m delighted that the cleanse has inspired a nutritional change and I hope to keep it up for the long-term!”

Mai 2014

“I very much enjoyed the cleanse and your juices and would get another offer again in the future.
Thank you.”

April 2014

Pure Viva Cleanse UK is a manageable, enjoyable, yummy-tasting cleanse. It’s not torture like other fasts or
 cleanses; it gives me energy. And when I’m done, I don’t crave a cheeseburger or pizza—I
 honestly crave healthier foods!”
Christine Cutrone (Mai 2014)
“I’m stunned at the amount of energy I have, the clarity with which I’m able to think, and, mostly, the realization of how much garbage I was putting into my system. There are several people in my office who have commented that I actually look healthier. I truly feel like this is one of those moments in my life that I will never forget because of the impact it has and will continue to have on my health.”

April 2014