Pure Viva Cleanse UK


The whole Idea starts when I was working out, pushing my body to its limit with heavy dead lifts.

I decided to make the transition from being a meat eater to a vegetarian, then immediately I start drinking raw enzyme rich juices regularly, I noticed that I felt more energetic, my skin is clearer, my hair is shinier and especially my resilience to infection is much greater.
The theory behind the juice cleanse is simple. Each and every one of us is exposed to toxins found in the air, water and food we consume. As well as the environment we live in and lifestyle we lead. The aim of the cleanse is for us to help you to eliminate these toxins by providing your body with nutrients and vitamins it so desperately needs, in their purest form. Whilst on the Genie cleanse, your body can concentrate all its energy that would usually be used in digestion to scour for dead cells, toxins, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, etc, all of which are then burned for fuel.

Our bodies are designed to detoxify naturally, however, is rarely given the chance to focus on this alone. That is why cleansing is a key component to help accelerating the natural process of rejuvenation. Bettering our health and wellbeing.

This is the breakthrough realisation that gave birth to Pure Viva Cleanse UK. Laura, herself a certified nutritional consultant and broad background in hospitality teamed up with Ben, a professional chef and a friend who brought along a great knowledge and love of food and an ideology perfectly suited to the Pure Viva Cleanse UK vision.
Together, they set about developing their line of juices and building the Pure Viva Cleanse UK to what is today.

At Pure Viva Cleanse UK, we are passionate about health, serious about fun. We believe in the power of the true juicing lifestyle and it’s our goal to make simple and clean food more convenient and made available to everyone.